This calming facial is for skin that is easily reactive and prone to Redness and blemishes.
Using spring waters from the French Pyrenees P.H. balance of the skin is restored. £57.00


Japanese facial massage. Stimulation and tightening of the muscles with hand massage using Tridosha oil with Indian spices.

Power Retinol

Using an advanced form of Vitamin A – Retinol treatment that is compatible with sun exposure. The Power Retinol treatment deeply exfoliates skin, whilst repairing and stimulating collagen.

Stone Therapy Massage Facial

For lifting, toning and brightening the skin with the use of therapeutic stones.

Power C Facial

The most Powerful anti-oxidant combination ever created. Vitamin C+ Pomegranate + HG extract Neutralises free radicals, stimulates Collagen, increases skin firmness and elasticity. Also prevents pigmentation & dehydration.

Non-Surgical Facials

Turbo Lift

To lift and tone muscles providing immediate results, this can also be combined with other treatments.

B.T. Cocktails Lift

Energy products combined with Micro current to increase A.T.P. (Energy) levels in the skin to lift muscles and refine lines.

Skin Peels

The OxyGeneo Facial

With Tri-polar technology the Geneo exfoliates in a unique way to trigger oxygenation and advanced exfoliation, with an infusion of nutrient rich powerful ingredients, then layered with Radio Frequency (R.F) one of the most successful technologies for skin tightening, giving stimulation of new collagen production. £88.00

Individual treatments of exfoliation and oxygen or Radio frequency (RF) can be done.

Derma Peel Pro Brightening-Pigmentation

A highly advanced pigmentation treatment using gene therapy via the no needle mesotherapy current, the T.G.F.peptide stops messages being sent to the melanocyte cells that trigger pigmentation, this treatment not only removes pigmentation from the surface but also from the deeper layers of the skin and inhibits the recurrence of pigmentation at the same time.

Derma Peel Pro Timeless

For ageing, wrinkles, acne scarring and sun damaged skin. As we get older we do not shed our dead skin cells as quick, this makes the skin look dull and wrinkles appear deeper, exfoliation of the cells on the top layer send messages for new cells to come up producing more collagen, amazing results.

Virtual Mesotherapy

Power Oxygen

Too much pollution in the skin overtime leaves the skin defenceless causing it to lose its natural ability to detoxify and regenerate. Reduced oxygen entering the skin means that cells cannot produce much energy to hold their vitality. Pollution causes signs of ageing, dehydration, pigmentation, lack of luminosity, redness irritation, breakouts or acne.

Power Hyaluronic

This facial is aimed at balancing the skins hydrodynamics obtaining an optimum degree of hydration improving lines and the skin. £68.00

Eternal Stem Cell Facial

Using highly coveted plant origin stem cells nanolipasomes, which regenerates and revitalizes the stem cells of the epidermis. £78.00

Mesofiller Facial

A non-invasive alternative to injectables, delivering Hyaluronic acid at cell level, helps to firm skin and fills lines and wrinkles providing an instant lift. £74.00

Global Lift

Focusing on ageing flaccid skin, redefining the jawline lifting and firming the neck and face. £80.00

Corrective Facial

Utilising medical grade branched chain Hyaluronic acid encapsulated with the latest technology ‘The cosmetic drone’. The drone release system directs ingredients directly into the wrinkle and targets muscles to restrict contractions. The ingredients have ultra-filling spheres for filling the wrinkles, tissue reidentifies, and the latest generation of peptides and tripeptides for exfoliation, lifting and plumping the whole face.

Timeless Prodigy

A New ultra exclusive anti-ageing treatment.
Science and luxury combined in this anti-ageing treatment, formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients growth factors and damask rose cells, this improves the quality and the number of cells in your skin, suitable for all skin types.

Mesotherapy and Skin Needling

Meso Pen Micro-Needling

This treatment is based on the natural rejuvenating power of the skin. Shortly after any injury to the human skin old and damaged skin tissues dissolves and is replaced by new cells, the gentle meso controlled needling method used in the meso pen micro needle treatment increases collagen production triggering a repair in the skin tissues which firms and renews skin tone and elasticity.

Using Hyaluronic acid, growth factors and biomimetic peptides.

Koreesa – Taylor made Facial

Mesotherapy is a safe technique as the meso solutions are placed directly into the targeted areas to be treated for line filling, lifting and tightening the skin, pigmentation or acne effects of the treatment are instantaneous. £84.00

We can tailor make lip and labial line treatments by using skin needling to fill deeper lines around these areas a consultation would be needed.

Skin Tightening

L.E.D. Light Therapy

A revolutionary non-invasive treatment firms and tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation treats acne and acne scars, reduces open pores meso solutions applied.

The L.E.D. mask on its own can be added to many facials.

OxyGeneo facial

With Tri-polar technology the Geneo exfoliates in a unique way to trigger oxygenation and advanced exfoliation, with an infusion of nutrient rich powerful ingredients, then layered with Radio frequency (RF) one of the most successful technologies for skin tightening, giving stimulation of new collagen production. £88.00

Mesotherapy, Radio frequency (RF), and L.E.D. can be combined in taylor made treatments for you, to suit your skin and your needs to achieve deeper and longer lasting results.


Lift and Refine

To lift and refine lines and reduce puffiness around the eyes using mesotherapy and LED and an electric mask.

We can tailor make eye treatments to fill deeper lines around this area with the use of skin needling a consultation is needed.

Eyelash Tint


Eyebrow Tint


Eyebrow Wax


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